What Happens When You Stop Getting Botox Treatments?

If you discontinue Botox injections after a long period of regular use, the only consequence will be that your wrinkles will come back, albeit at a slower rate than if you had never used BOTOX. When you stop using Botox, your muscles will eventually start functioning as they did before the treatment. However, muscles or skin don't speed up the aging process to make up for lost time. You will still look years younger than your actual age because you delayed the aging process for several years.

How long you will look younger will depend on how long you used Botox and how early you started the treatment. During these consultations, I'm often asked what happens when people stop using Botox. Some people may have visions of wrinkles getting much worse or the skin falling out, but that's not the case. We need to understand that the aging process continues during the years we have Botox.

However, since Botox has weakened these muscles, they haven't had time to get stronger and create deeper wrinkles. It's expected that the skin will return to its original state and wrinkles will slowly reappear. In short, it won't be better or worse than when you first started using Botox.