When is the Right Time to Start Botox Treatments?

If you want to prevent the earliest fine lines from turning into full-fledged wrinkles, preventive Botox may be the solution. Botox is approved by the FDA for patients 18 and older and most experts agree that those between the ages of 20 and 30 are of a good age for preventive Botox treatments. Young patients are increasingly looking for Botox treatments to prevent wrinkles before they start. Although Botox is FDA-approved and available to patients 18 and older, most people begin preventive treatment in their 20s and 30s.

It's not about the number of candles on your birthday cake, it's about you and your skin. When you start to notice or are bothered by brow lines, forehead lines, etc., the best time to treat wrinkles is before they appear, rather than trying to fix them after they have developed. When pressed for a more specific age, Levine said: “Botox is approved by the FDA and is available to patients 18 and older. Most patients generally start using Botox in their 30s, some even in their mid-20s.

It's possible to benefit from preventive Botox treatments starting at age 25, but before that, chances are low that you may have created enough lines to worry about. Many facial lines appear to have a genetic or hereditary component, and once a young person begins to see the lines they see in their older relatives, it's time to take Botox. I have found that there has been a change in the age of women applying for Botox now, compared to even five years ago. In general, the sooner you start Botox, the faster you can control those fine lines that can deepen over time.

Botox is approved for patients who are 18 years of age or older, and most experts say that mid-late 20s or early 30s is the right time to start Botox. One of the benefits of preventive Botox is that it can weaken muscles, which means that as you age you may not need as much Botox as a patient who starts receiving it as they age. In general, Caucasian women (who weren't first responders) tend to do better when starting Botox between 35 and 40 years of age. For darker skin tones, the appropriate age to start Botox tends a little higher, more than 40 to 45 years, but it will also depend on the circumstances.

If someone is starting to notice fine lines coming out and really wants to prevent them from developing into larger folds, it's your ideal Botox patient, Levine advised. But how soon is too soon? For a complete picture, we contacted dermatologists across the country to determine the exact age, if interested, to start Botox. As she explained, “Many critics point to the potentially exorbitant cost of starting such procedures at a young age. Even when I write this, I feel a little superficial and worry that a patient will start a cosmetic procedure at such a young age without really understanding the implications.

However, when the lines begin to stay at rest, that's when you can consider getting your first Botox treatments.