How to Avoid Botox Resistance

Botox is a popular anti-wrinkle treatment that temporarily blocks certain chemical signals from nerves, mostly signals that cause muscles to contract. It's a fast, safe and effective method to achieve smoother, younger-looking skin. However, there is a risk of developing resistance to Botox if neutralizing antibodies are developed. To minimize this risk, patients should be given the lowest possible effective dose and be aware of how age and frequency of treatment can affect their ability to develop resistance.

At Body Recon, our cosmetic nurses have extensive experience in applying anti-wrinkle injections to help our clients achieve a smoother, more natural appearance. Here are some tips on how to avoid botox resistance:

  • Choose an experienced provider with a proven reputation for excellent Botox results, preferably a physician with extensive training in aesthetic medicine, such as a board-certified plastic surgeon.
  • Keep a record of your previous treatments with your new provider, including when you last received Botox, where the shots were given, and how much you were given.
  • Minimize your risk by using the lowest possible effective dose.
  • Be aware of how age and frequency of treatment can affect your ability to develop resistance.
  • Avoid unethical suppliers who sell “Botox” at a discount, which is either too watered down to maximize profit margins, or is not real Botox at all.
It is also important to note that true Botox resistance is quite rare. The manufacturer's clinical trials showed that no more than 1.5% of patients developed neutralizing antibodies to the drug. If you are looking for an experienced Botox provider in Eugene, I invite you to schedule a consultation with me at Movassaghi Plastic Surgery. A provider experienced in both can help you determine if Dysport is a better alternative to Botox for you.

Just as some people trust Advil for headaches and others rely on Motrin, some patients do better with Dysport than with Botox (and vice versa). A BOTOX treatment plan plus injectable fillers to fill the skin can help you maintain a youthful look and your facial expressions natural.