Does Botox Make You Look Younger?

Injectable fillers and Botox are powerful anti-aging agents that can temporarily reduce signs of aging and make people look dramatically younger. Women want treatments that help them achieve a fresh, radiant version of themselves, rather than the frozen look associated with Botox. Recently, Botox has been combined with other forms of treatment to treat the effects of aging on the chin and neck. Botox is a neurotoxin that prevents communication between nerves and muscles, explains dermatologist Mara Weinstein, MD.

It can be injected into the forehead, glabella, or space between the eyebrows, outer corners of the eyes, chin, and neck. Botox treatments can lift your eyebrows, giving you a more youthful appearance. However, if started too early (e.g., in one's 20s), there is a risk of suffering from an unnatural side effect. The number of practitioners in Britain who don't administer Botox properly is one of the main reasons behind its decline in popularity.

Ever since the FDA approved Botox in the 1980s, people around the world have been obsessed with the injectable to aesthetically deceive at least the aging process. You'll learn more about these specific areas of Botox treatment, so you can make an informed decision if Botox is the right treatment for you. Botox has been considered the ultimate quick fix for wrinkles, with more than a million treatments being administered in Great Britain every year. You can safely apply Botox on these lines, and the treatment is valid for up to four months after using it.

A survey conducted in July by The Cosmetic Surgery Guide found that three out of four women in Britain who have tried Botox would welcome a non-invasive alternative to injections. While Botox has a good safety record, many women are understandably frightened by the fact that it is a toxin. If you choose not to continue with Botox treatments, muscles that remain out of use while it is active can slow down the aging process; it reduces movement when injected, which slows down wrinkle formation, Farber explains. These new, non-invasive procedures are usually cheaper than Botox and can take years off your face without leaving it immobile.