Can Botox Lift Brows and Eyelids?

A Botox injection is a suitable treatment for hooded eyelids and can be used to treat a low position of the eyebrows or a slight drooping of the eyebrow, causing the eyelids to hang lower than they should. When strategically placed, Botox can lift eyebrows and improve heavy upper eyelids, creating a completely natural look. Patients often express fear of being frozen or startled, but I tell all my patients that Botox is simply a tool that takes skill and experience to use correctly to achieve natural results without the telltale signs of being treated. A common effect of aging is sagging skin above the eyebrow and on the forehead, known as “brow ptosis”. This can make a person look tired, angry, sad, or much older than they really are.

Fortunately, a Botox brow lift can correct this and leave fewer wrinkles and a younger, fresher appearance. In addition to raising eyebrows, Botox can gently improve the appearance of hooded eyes or lower eyelids. The frontal muscles are primarily responsible for pulling the eyebrows up, while the orbicularis muscles of the eye and the corrugator muscles pull the eyebrow down. Botox brow lift injections have also been proven to improve surgical outcomes when performed prior to an eyelid procedure. By relaxing the muscles around the eyes and between the eyebrows, Botox lifts the eyebrow to a higher position. These include smile lines when you smile, forehead lines when you frown, and crow's feet when you squint.

According to Shirazi, this helps the area heal into a smoother, more even appearance while ablating the loose skin around the eyes for a non-surgical eye lift. The look is created by placing a small to moderate amount of Botox on one side of each eyebrow. Temporarily relaxing the muscles underneath allows the eyebrow to lift. When Botox is applied to problem areas around the eyebrows, the muscles relax and the skin over them becomes smoother. Dissolvable threads are strategically placed in the appropriate layer of skin with a needle (no incision needed) and lifted upwards; essentially acting as an anchor. The signs of aging are usually most noticeable on a person's face, where a drooping eyebrow and thick lines can be telltale signs of aging.

Microcurrent devices such as NuFace Trinity with the ELE attachment (a smaller attachment for the eye and lip areas) work by stimulating muscles, resulting in a temporary lifting effect on the skin. After about fourteen days, you'll likely see full effects such as a raised eyebrow, decreased fine lines or no severe lines appearing when you move your face.